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Metal stamping capabilities for virtually any product

For more than over 17 years, ShuangXin Industry Co.Ltd has put its stamp on all kinds of parts, from toy metal hardware parts to high technical electric metal hardware parts. Because we specialize in metal hardware manufacturing components, our technologies serve a higher level of quality assurance. To better serve a variety of applications, we utilize both progressive stamping and fourslide stamping techniques. We work within a wide range of services from low to high volume metal stamping, which allows you the flexibility to achieve successful precision stamping results.

Progressive Stamping Progressive die stamping eliminates inefficiencies and provides a cost-friendly way to produce more than one action in a process.For more than 17 years, ShuangXin Industry Co.Ltd has performed multiple actions on a single press, rather than constantly changing the tooling of one press or employing many expensive presses. The result is a complete part from one press.
Fourslide Stamping Fourslide metal stamping offers two important features apart from traditional power presses. One is its horizontal alignment, and the second is its four slides. The numerous slides equates to having four tools to simultaneously bend a workpiece into a fully functioning part. Intricate cuts mimic the work of a progressive die, and quick bends result in high volume metal stamping capabilities.



 Progressive / Fourslide stamping

 In-die tapping

 Professional manufacturing department for OEM / ODM Toolings/Moulds

Press Capacity

 10 to 250 tons

Equipment Capacity

 40 sets stamping machines


 Ferrous and non-ferrous


 001" (.025mm)








 Flat springs


 Mounting plates


 Strain Reliefs


Additional Services

 Finishing: Cleaning, deburring, heat treating, plating

 Assembly: Riveting, welding, tapping, staking

 Prototype stamping

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